Kitchen Remodeling Trends

kitchen-1Functional Workspaces
A kitchen can be a family gathering place, to prepare Gourmet Dinner, an office, and a spot for homework. If a kitchen is remodeled properly it will make the kitchen efficient and attractive place with a perfect blend of great use of space, functionality and keep organization in check.

Kitchen renovations include improving the kitchen productivity triangle (formed by the range, sink, and fridge), adding additional cabinet and countertop space, or installing desk space for a computer. Gourmet elements such as professional-quality gas ranges, stainless-steel appliances and countertops, and built-in pizza ovens can keep any home chef busy. Keep in mind that Concept Home Builders doesn’t leave you to make all the hard choices. From talking with you about how to choose kitchen countertops to going through how to choose kitchen flooring, we’ll help you make the right decisions for your kitchen renovation.

Other kitchen remodeling trends include:

  • Appliance “garages” built between the countertop and cabinets conceal coffee makers, can openers, and frequently used small appliances.
  • Tilt-out sink-front bins take advantage of otherwise unusable space and create convenient storage for sponges and scrubbers, which helps keep clutter off of the countertop.
  • Message centers utilize vertical space to create a dedicated area to organize notes, mail, magazines, keys, and other items for multiple family members.
  • Roll-out shelves make the most of every inch of useful space, keeping homeowners from having to pull out five pots to reach a pan in the back of the cabinet.
  • Tray dividers save space and create vertical partitions to separate cookie sheets, muffin tins, and other awkwardly-sized bakeware.
  • Refrigerated drawers and dishwasher drawers offer additional pullout storage space and allow fast chilling or short wash cycles.
  • Dual ovens and separate cook tops make it easier for two people to cook together.
  • Open cabinets and glass-front cabinets make it easy for chefs to quickly find what they need while also stylishly displaying favorite glass and dinnerware.
  • Built-in wine chillers have zones for whites and reds and keep them all at the perfect serving temperature.
  • Energy Star appliances replace worn-out models and green choices for countertops and flooring help reduce a kitchen’s environmental impact.
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